October 2004, BriSCA F1 World Champion at Rockingham
Multi - World Champion Rob Speakwaiting for the National Anthem.
Rockingham Motor Speedway opened on 26th May, 2001 and at the moment is the only UK host for American style Stock Car racing - SCSA, formerly Days of Thunder and ASCAR.
And so it came to pass that the Dawson family (including my mother whose 1 meeting at Aycliffe and 1 at Cadwell Park gives an idea of her interest in motor sport) made the trek from Birmingham to Rockingham for the first race date in 2002. Seeing a decent size pack of cars come together in rolling formation after a number warm-up laps to take the green got the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. Usually a sensation reserved for the roller on world final night! Then to see 2 cars doing the best part of 2 laps door handle to door handle got me hooked.

2004 saw me with a season ticket to follow the series in full, complete with scanner to listen to the spotters. The dropping of a couple of perks for 2005 meant I didn't go for the season ticket again. Instead I just choose which meeting to attend. Probably just as well as some of the novelty may be wearing off as car numbers are down - though not to the detriment to the atmosphere - and the difference between the front runners and the rest started to become an issue.

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