BriSCA News
Getting news of BriSCA histroically for me meant purchasing one or all of the magazines available at the tracks. Hopefully things will change.
Way back in 1971, I joined the BSCDA primarily because neither Stock Car Magazine nor Stockcar Supporter carried the grading lists. Occasionally you'd get the top 20 but with no guarantee that it was the current month's top 20. You arrived at a meeting at the beginning of the month to find who'd gone up or down the grades.

As time went on more periodicals appeared and more money was spent on them! The drivers' newsletter also went through a purple patch with Alan Barker and Derek Holmes providing reams of interesting reading material that keeping you going with enough information to digest until the postman brought the next epistle.

After the demise of the Supporters' magazine Stoxworld came on the scene with fortnightly issues so news was getting more current! The drivers' newsletter became more 'professional' with the view of being made for more public consumption. And I generally lost interest in paying for old news so relied on the BSCDA to keep me informed as my travelling and viewing decreased.

Even now with many website on stockcars itís still difficult to get current information. Few publish content on RRS feeds making it hard to gather information together. I will continue searching for good feeds and start with news and views from Stoxnet plus their for sale and wanted items and the feed from to cover meeting results, not just who did the fastest laps.